The Holy Land - An Epic Journey

The Holy Land - An Epic Journey 

Filmed Entirely in Israel 

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Discover the wonders of Israel as never before in The Holy Land: An Epic Journey.  This spectacular visual experience, set to inspiring cinematic music, explores the beauty of the Promised Land’s awe-inspiring landscapes. Experience the glory of sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, the splendor of a Mediterranean sunset, the majesty of Jerusalem and the serenity of the Galilee.  Witness the great diversity of this tiny land, from the rugged deserts of the south to peaceful flowing waterfalls of the north, from breathtaking mountain views to expansive valleys.  Filmed at over 75 locations, The Holy Land: An Epic Journey captures the timeless beauty of this beloved land.

*While there is no narration or subtitles in the Trailer, major site location names do appear throughout the video.

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