Study the Bible

At All Nations Biblical Study Center, we study the Bible "in context," emphasizing the historical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the biblical text.  Courses also feature extensive media presentations from Israel and other Bible Lands to help illuminate the Bible.

All of our courses are offered free to anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible! 

Do you want to learn about the Bible in its historical, cultural and linguistic context? Do you want to learn about the purpose and message of the text to its original audience? Do you want to study about the times in which the text was written and how the original audience lived their lives? Do you want to study the nuances and idioms from the original language of the text? Do you want to study about the places where the events in the Bible took place? If so, then All Nations Biblical Study Center is for YOU! 

Courses are offered in Clarksville, TN, each semester and also online year-round. We invite you to read more about our FREE Online Biblical Studies Program and view the complete list of our free Online Courses and their descriptions. You are welcome to call our office at 931-648-8844 for more information about All Nations Biblical Study Center.

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