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1. Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament  


2. Biblical Backgrounds I  


3. Biblical Backgrounds II  


4. The Origins of Christianity 

5. A Survey of the Hebrew Bible  

6. The Torah Through The Ages  

7. The Hebrew Prophets  

8. The Jewish Writings: From Conquest to Exile  


9. A Survey of the New Testament  

10. The Synoptic Gospels I  


11. The Gospel of John  


12. The Book of Acts 


13. Paul & His Letters I  


14. Paul & His Letters II  


15. Paul & His Letters III  

16. The General Epistles   

17. The Book of Hebrews 


19. Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature  


20. Living Discipleship  


21. Understanding the Parables of Jesus  


22. Exploring the Sermon on the Mount  


23. Jesus and His Miracles  


24. A Journey Through John: Chapters 1-4  


25. The Synoptic Gospels II (pre-requisite: Synoptic Gospels I)  


26. The Synoptic Gospels III (pre-requisite: Synoptic Gospels II)    

Important: you may enroll for up to 3 courses at a time and are able to sign up for more after they are completed.  Please make sure that you have signed up for the courses you would like to take first.  Click here for our Suggested Course Order (in a new window). 

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