Suggested Course Order for

The Online Biblical Studies Program


The following suggested course order is based on students enrolling in three courses at a time.


1. Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament

2. A Survey of the Hebrew Bible

3. A Survey of the New Testament


4. Biblical Backgrounds I

5. The Torah Through The Ages

6. Synoptic Gospels I


7. Biblical Backgrounds II

8. The Hebrew Prophets

9. Synoptic Gospels II


10. The Origins of Christianity

11. The Jewish Writings: From Conquest to Exile

12. Synoptic Gospels III


13. The Gospel of John

14. The Book of Acts

15. Paul & His Letters I


16. Paul & His Letters II

17. The Book of Hebrews

18. Elective of Student's Choiceexample: Exploring the Sermon on Mount


19. Paul & His Letters III

20. The General Epistles

21. Elective of Student's Choiceexample: Understanding the Parables of Jesus


22. The Book of Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature

23. Elective of Student's Choiceexample: Jesus & His Miracles

24. Elective of Student's Choiceexample: Living Discipleship

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