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All Nations Biblical Study Center

A Free Bible School for Everyone!

All Nations Biblical Study Center was founded in June of 2006 to provide free Bible courses to anyone desiring to further their Biblical education, regardless of their specific ministry calling, denominational affiliations, academic background or financial situation. Courses at the Study Center strive to highlight the historical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the biblical text. Courses also feature extensive media presentations from Israel and other Bible lands to illuminate the Bible. The Study Center offers 2 semesters per year in Clarksville, TN: Spring (January - April) and Fall (September - December). Online Courses are available throughout the year to students around the world.

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All Nations Biblical Study Center
is located at 1186 Fort Campbell Blvd., in Clarksville, TN. The Study Center offices can be reached at (931) 648-8844.

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